Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic 200ml

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This mixer is slightly sweet and fresh, which makes it a truly versatile mixer

Double Dutch
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Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon

Double the taste sensation.... thats what twin sisters Joyce and Raissa set out to create when they founded Double Dutch. 

Made with 100% natural ingredients, and no artificial colours or preservatives. They take great pride in ensuring a high quality mixer which can be used with your favourite gin, vodka (or anything else you enjoy it with!)

Whilst watermelon and cucumber are both part of the Cucurbitaceae plant family, the watermelon's natural sugars bring warmth and shine to the traditionally fresh flavour of cucumber.

It has a slightly sweet aroma and a really fresh and cool scent.

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Perfect Serve

While cucumber has a traditional affinity for gin and lighter summer fizzes, the additional depth offered by watermelon allows Double Dutch's Cucumber & Watermelon mixer to support light rums, vodkas and other spirits that require a little warmth to come to life.

With cucumber being a prime ingredient, we think this one works particularly well with Hendrick's Gin. Serve with plenty of ice, and garnish with a slice or two of fresh cucumber.

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