Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water 200ml

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Luscious botanical oil, high quality quinine and spring water... it can only be Fever-Tree

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Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

It started in 2003 with one simple premise.... Fever-Tree feels that "If three quarters of your G&T is the tonic, wouldn't you want it to be the best?" 

The growth in premium, and artisan spirits meant that people were paying good money for great spirits, but the tonic wasn't worthy..... Fever-Tree was born. Their mission is to bring "quality, flavour, and choice" to the world of mixers.

They work with only the best naturally sourced ingredients from around the world and no artificial flavourings or sweeteners to create mixers that do justice to the world's finest spirits.

By blending luscious botanical oils such as Mexican Bitter Orange oil, with spring water and quinine of the highest quality from the 'fever trees' from the eastern hill ranges of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Fever-Tree have created a delicious, award-winning tonic water.

Delicate in taste, it ensures your premium spirit will shine.

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Perfect Serve

This tonic was specifically created to enhance the very best gins, but its not only for gin. This works equally well with vodkas, fortified wines, sherry and white port, or even as a refreshing drink on its own.

For a classic G&T, in a large copa glass mix 50ml of your favourite gin with 200ml of tonic. For the garnish, we recommend taking notes from the flavour profile of the gin... but you can't go far wrong with a slice of lime. 

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