Galvanina Organic Sparkling Orange 355ml

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A deliciously refreshing, vibrant soft drink from Italy, packed with real orange flavours

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Galvanina Organic Sparkling Orange

The ethos behind the Galvanina range of soft drinks is simple: Delicious, full of flavour and organic.

They create their range of soft drinks using the best ingredients, the juice and pulp of citrus - as well as other fruits. These they find from southern Italy and around the Mediterranean Basin. 

Interesting Fact: The name Galvanina is taken from the mineral water srping on the hills near Rimini in Italy. Here, the company has been bottling mineral water for over a century.

They only use fruits which are harvested following natural growing cycles, and which have been allowed to ripen on the tree - this ensures the maximum flavour possible goes into their drinks. 

Their Sparkling Orange drink uses the best 'blonde' oranges from Sicily. These oranges are bursting with flavour - thanks to the Sicilian sunshine, and mediterranean breeze.

Note: This drink includes orange pulp from the fruit, giving a great texture and additional flavour.

The drink itself takes has a light orange colour, thanks to the blonde oranges. It has a delicate aroma, which opens up fully in the mouth giving a real burst or orange flavour. 

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Perfect Serve

Perfectly refreshing , this is thirst-quenching whether enjoyed on its own or with a few cubes of ice and a slice of orange.

However, these really come alive when in the mix. It is ideal for mixing with clear spirits (such as vodka), aperitifs and liqueurs. Also, it is Italian after all, so also plays well with traditional aperitifs and long drinks.

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