GinMayo & GinChup Twinpack


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A perfect pair for sauce lovers

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Gin Mayo
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GinMayo & GinChup Twinpack

You don't need to decide which one of these great sauces you want - with this twinpack,you can have both. Containing 2% alcohol, they won't get you drunk but will get thing going!

Gin Mayo

GinMayo is based on Zaanse mayo, which has been in favor for over 55 years. Infused with Bobby’s, a fine and balanced distilled gin containing 8 botanicals creates it’s welcoming taste with a festive kick. 


GinChup’s taste unfolds in three phases... At first, you'll experience GinChup's freshhh tomato flavour. From there, you taste the zesty blend of spices, which hints towards the botanicals found in the Bobby’s Gin that is used. And, in the end, the 2% alcohol makes sure that the taste nicely vanishes in your mouth.

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