Hooghoudt Zero Zero Non Alcoholic Spirit 70cl

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Hooghoudt Zero Zero Non Alcoholic Spirit 70cl

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Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 is an ode to the moments when alcohol has no place at the table. The moments when you want to enjoy extra without alcohol, where it is about taste, experience and reward. Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 is also an ode to Hooghoudt's Rich Jenever No. 24, which was once designed by the 2nd generation Hooghoudt in an era when these flavours were far ahead of their time and where the distillation techniques were mastered to the utmost perfection. Now the time has come to let these flavours find their way to the enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Zero Zero 24 is made in such a way that it gives itself completely in combination with a freshly sparkling partner. Think of sparkling water or tonic. The heart of Zero Zero 24 is juniper and lavender with a hint of elderflower. They have transformed the authentic 2nd generation Hooghoudt recipe into an alcohol-free drink with a touch of Groningen sobriety.

Tasting note
Fragrance: fresh floral scent of lavender with a citrus tone, attractive juniper scent that provides a fresh spicy tone. Wonderful spring / summer fragrance.

Taste: fresh taste, the bitters of the tonic are nicely balanced by the floral and spicy taste of the Zero Zero. Juicy and thirst-quenching of high quality. The holiday feeling in your glass!

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