Lyre's London Dry Spirit 70cl

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A delicious non-alcoholic alternative to a classic London dry gin, for when alcohol simply isn't in the mix

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Lyre's London Dry Spirit

When you're not drinking alcohol (for whatever reason), you needn't feel left out. Lyre's have "impossibly crafted" a whole range of non-alcoholic spirits for you to enjoy.

With their London Dry Spirit, Lyre's have created a drink which captures the essence of a classic London Dry Gin. With all of the taste, just minus the alcohol. 

The aroma is full of classic gin notes, with orange blossom, jasmine, mint and juniper all enticing the nose.

The drink itself is deliciously refreshing, with flavours of juniper, a delicate floral note and citrus - which are all found in a classic london dry gin. The drink contains earthy notes from green herbal botanicals, which are balanced with a delicate warming spiceiness from pepper. The finish is dry, and definitely generous.

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Perfect Serve

Whilst this is delicious when mixed with a classic tonic (try with The Artisan Drinks Co's Classic London Tonic), it also works particularly well in the mix.

You can combine with your favourite vermouth to create a low alcohol martini, or with Lyre's Aperetif Dry for a totally alcohol free version. In a mixing glass filled with ice add 60ml of Lyre's London Dry Spirit and 15ml of Lyre's Aperitif Dry (or your chosen vermouth). Stir, and then strain into a martini glass. Garnish with an olive, or twist of lemon peel

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