Lyre's Pink London Spirit 70cl

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A deliciously fruity, non-alcoholic alternative to a pink gin, for when alcohol simply isn't in the mix

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Lyre's Pink London Spirit

When you're not drinking alcohol (for whatever reason), you needn't feel left out. Lyre's have "impossibly crafted" a whole range of non-alcoholic spirits for you to enjoy.

With their Pink London Spirit, Lyre's have created a drink which captures the essence of a Pink Gin. It has all of the fruity taste, along with a touch of juniper - just minus the alcohol. 

The aroma is has rich scents of red berries - with raspberry, strawberry and redcurrants on the nose. These are joined by hints of rosehip, and juniper - which round it out and add an enticing complexity to the nose.

When tasting, the red fruits come through again, joined by rose. Cherries, red berries and a hint of blackberry linger on the tongue. As the drink develops in the mouth a floral note from the tose develops, and is joined by the juniper - giving the definite feel of a pink gin. 

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Perfect Serve

This works perfectly when mixed with a mediterranean tonic such as Three-Cents Aegean Tonic. Take a large glass and fill with ice and add 50ml of the pink spirit. Gently pour over 150ml of the tonic and stir gently. Garnish with a few raspberries and a slice or two of lemon.

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