Olly's Pretzels Multi-Seed Sesame Thins 35g

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Delicious multi-seed pretzels with only 98 calories per serving
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Olly's Pretzels Multi-Seed Sesame Thins

This delicious range of vegan friendly snacks was created by a snack fanatic named (yes, you guessed it) Olly. It all started back in 2015 in his parents’ kitchen with Olly (a fan of olives) marinating olives to sell at local farmers markets. He wanted to rejuvenate the world of olives with new flavours, colour and character, and his kitchen creations proved very popular. People loved them so much that Olly’s brother Sam and close friend Yingdee joined Olly on his journey. These days, it’s not just olives, Olly’s have a fantastic range of pretzels too.

Olly's Pretzels Multi-Seed Sesame Thins are yummy, sprinkled with both white and black sesame seeds. These light and crispy snacks are oven-baked, resulting in less fat and fewer calories than standard crisps. With only 98 calories per 35g serving, you can treat yourself.

As Olly says “we’ve got your snack sorted”

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