Sir James 101 Alcohol Free Bitter Aperitif 250ml

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A non-alcoholic spritz drink, with a delicious bitter orange flavour

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Sir James 101
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Sir James 101 Alcohol Free Bitter Aperitif

The third in the range of non-alcoholic drinks, Sir James 101's latest is fresh with a bitter orange flavour.

They created this drink due to the popularity of Spritz drinks, where there was no option for those choosing not to drink alcohol.

This drink has is packed with flavour, and has lots to offer. Yes, its a (non-alcoholic) Bitter, but that's not all. It's fresh with a twist of orange and herbs. The result? A sophisticated drink to be enjoyed at any occasion.

They use natural flavours and extracts in the creation of this drink. Orange and herbs like rosemary, sage, clove and nutmeg are used to make it. This ensures a lot of flavour to be found while tasting the drink.

The aroma is fresh with hints of orange and herbs followed by a fresh bitter taste and a light sparkling finish.

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