Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic 200ml

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Where the floral notes of elderflower meet the mild bitterness of quinine. Cheers!

Thomas Henry
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Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic

This tonic is created between the harmony of flowery elderflower and the gentle bitterness from the quinine. The sophisticated elegance of elderflower adds a whole different dimension to the sensory world of tonic.

In the tradition of mixologists who like to give classic drinks a "twist", they have reinterpreted the tonic water: through the taste of elderflower, which for centuries has been known for its healing power and floral taste. The result is Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic. It is these new tonics which ensure that the great renaissance of Gin & Tonic continues to inspire and embolden connoisseurs all over the world!

It has a mild flavour with a gentle bitterness and is slightly floral: the elegant, light aromas of the elderflower lend the Tonic Water its independent character. Fruity citrus and subtle herbal aromas are rounded off with a pleasant floral sweetness. Which is why the Elderflower Tonic is so perfect for the summer season, yet on colder days it conjures sunshine into a glass.

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Elderflower Tonic lends drink classics made with gin or vodka a new sweetness without losing the soft, tart note of tonic. This opens up doors to whole new worlds of taste, both for creative bartenders and amateur mixologists alike. The Elderflower Tonic is also excellent enjoyed with whiskey, tequila, and herbal liqueurs.

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