Three Cents Dry Tonic 200ml

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A delicious lower calorie tonic water from Three Cents

Three Cents
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Three Cents Dry Tonic

For their Dry Tonic, Three Cents have created a lighter (in calories - not taste!) version of the classic Tonic Water.

They combine the finest spring water with quinine, and a light lemony aroma of select citrus and botanicals. 

As this is created with a lower sugar content, it has a drier finish in the mouth. This makes it an ideal tonic to enjoy with your favourite spirits, as the sugars won't overpower any of the flavours. 

Perfect whether you happen to be watching your calorie intake, refraining from 'empty' carbs, or just want your spirit to be the star of your drink. 

Fun Fact: The feather shown on the front of the bottle visually depicts that this tonic is as 'light as a feather'

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Perfect Serve

Whilst this is absolutely delicious enjoyed on its own, it makes the perfect partner to your vodka, London Dry gin or other crafted white spirits.

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